Say When


Busy day and an intense workout today. Still after I finished beating myself up at the gym I managed to ride my bike to this school park down the street for a few laps. I am exhausted.


8 thoughts on “Say When

  1. Holy cow…you MUST be exhausted, Val.

    But, way to go!

    As usual, I so enjoy these surreal images. This one kinda reminds me of scary movie. LOVE it!


    • v says:

      or not too smart and i don’t know when to say when. i’m off to do it again, but i will take it easy today. i’m no spring chicken.


  2. Good for you Val. No pain, no gain. I did pretty good myself yesterday. I’m sore now, but not like after bowling last weekend. So I consider myself lucky.

    What’s that pole thing in the foreground?

    • v says:

      super dupa for you girlfriend. keep it up! i wish i could tell you the soreness goes away, but it doesn’t. i’m sore every day and i kinda like it, but don’t tell.

      that pole thing, not sure what it’s call is for throwing a ball inside and it comes out of one of the four holes. where’s the fun in that? deciding which hole the ball will come out of? kids and yes i have played with it, but i was raining jump shots.

      it’s also the kid’s school.

  3. I enjoyed this photo because it’s so open to interpretation. I hadn’t even thought of a potential horror movie setting until I read Rod’s comment, but YEAH! It all of the sudden looks creepy and deserted. THE KILLER IS HIDING BEHIND THE TREE!

    • v says:

      i scrolled up to see which tree the killer was hiding behind. heck, yesterday he could have had my behind because i was too tired to fight him off. and it’s a him killer cause ain’t no girl gonna take me down. bwhahahahh. uh bye.

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