Plymouth Rock


Saw this beauty at a gas station and asked if I could photograph it. Man said yes. Wanna know what else? I skipped a number when uploading my photos, now I have to go back and find the number I missed and renumber everything! I should have 322 photos and not 321. Darn!

Cropped, HDR, tried to get rid of a do not turn on red sign. Egads.


8 thoughts on “Plymouth Rock

  1. OMG…what a BEAUTY, Val!!!

    I just wanna reach out and touch it!

    If I’d seen this car, I would have done the same thing! I wonder the year? Late 40’s?

    The color is awesome!


    • v says:

      go ahead, touch it. it is cool, isn’t it? about as old as my car, but i don’t get the same reaction when i pull up in my beater. old is old. maybe it’s the shine. my car doesn’t shine.


  2. I love, love, love this color. And the angle makes it look like it’s driving right into my face. Awesome! I bet you made the guy who owned it feel pretty good about his wheels. Nice job.

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