No. 66 and L16


the next few days will be busy and i only snapped two photos today. this was my dinner. since changing my diet, anything that does not have at least 800g of cardboard, makes me sick. i can’t eat take out food anymore. a few minutes after eating this, my tummy was not happy.

veggie fried rice with extra onions and broccoli in garlic sauce.


6 thoughts on “No. 66 and L16

  1. I wonder if it was the MSG?

    OMG…this photo looks SOOOOOOOOOOO delicious, Val. I wanna scratch and sniff it! I haven’t had Chinese food in ages, but lately I’ve been craving it.

    Anyway, I hope your tummy feels better.


    • v says:

      nope, wasn’t the msg, can’t explain it, but my stomach hurts even after a piece of carrot cake. i’m not giving that up though, i’ll have to deal.

      since i’ll be working late all week, the job buys dinner for the pathetic and yesterday was chinese food. today is pasta, so i’ll see what happens.

      scratch and sniff. hahahah. i miss those things in the sunday paper. heck, i miss the sunday paper. don’t buy it anymore because 2.00 is too expensive to read depressing news. i still get my coupons from a friend.

    • v says:

      greetings wizard. oh no, it’s not down with the program at all. i had a half of a philly cheesesteak last night and a very small square piece of carrot cake. my stomach did not hurt immediately, but last night it released the dragon from the other day. i will pay eventually.

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