saw this pretty lady from the road on my to work this morning with her fawns. i was hoping they wouldn’t run away when i reached the top of the driveway. i was able to jump out of my car, walk several feet and snap a few pictures. the mother, pictured, stomped her foot (or maybe she has restless leg syndrome) as if to say, don’t come any closer. after i saw that, i backed up and told her to have a nice day. she is a beauty!



9 thoughts on “Bambi

  1. Oh, Val, Val, Val…you have no idea how much I’m lovin’ this photo!

    Amazing that you got it that close!

    I have a special love in my heart for deer. For me, a deer represents the perfect example of gentleness and strength. And if you look deep into their eyes you can see tremendous wisdom.

    And it’s ironic that you mentioned her stomping her foot, because about 4 years ago while I was on a 7-day retreat in the Pocono Mountains, I was walking through the woods one day and discovered a mother deer and her fawns feeding on a berry bush. The minute she saw me, she starting doing the exact same thing as if to say, don’t come any closer.

    I too backed up and told her to have a nice day – HA!

    Thanks for sharing the beauty, girl!


    • v says:

      i had to crop the picture some and was about 7 feet or more away from her.

      and thank you for confirming that she did indeed stomp her foot at me. more than once too.

      i’ve never known a deer to do that. most of the time, they stare or run away, but she was holding her ground.

      isn’t she gorgeous though. her eyes, those ears, look at those legs.


    • v says:

      yep and nope she did not run. i think she stomped her foot to make me run, like i was the animal she was trying to shoo away.

      i had to laugh out loud at your *almost* looks like she’s photoshopped in there comment. nope, not photoshopped, but i did enhance the dynamic range of light. she pops off the screen, right?

      my next project, not a 365, is to shoot with film. there will be no nothing but c-41 processing. no programs, no enhancing and no food in the house. this is sure to bankrupt me.

  2. Hey, I can’t comment on the pedometer. No option to click on comment and no note saying comments are closed. You know you cannot stop me from commenting, right?

    Damnation woman 17,000+ steps? Wow, color me impressed. And I am jealous of that red seven up there. I’m just going to have to step it up (no pun intended.)

    • v says:

      um, yeah. forgot to mention that i would be turning off the comments. i know i can’t stop you from commenting and i love that you kicked down a different door and found a work around (giving you the thumbs up). it makes me chuckle too when i close comments on flickr and people are still able to kick the door down and comment on a comment closed photo. how?

      anywho hoo. yep, last week was my i’ma darn fool week and i wanted to get to 10,000 in the gym. the rest was extra. and don’t be jealous because 1. you’re my motivation and 2. the 7 is now a 6. i know i said i would not go backward, but i’m going to man up to my setbacks. well the weight setbacks anyway cause i’m going to deny the heck out of the others.

    • v says:

      I know. I see them often enough where I work and partly on the drive home, but I can never get a decent pic. She is such a beauty. Thanks.

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