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I slept all day Friday; in the car, on the couch, in the bed, in a chair, back to the couch and then the bed again.

I don’t know when I took this.


6 thoughts on “Leave A Message

    • v says:

      dear laud, i NEVER sleep like that. ever! it feels like a wasted day, but my body was really tired, even though i popped up every morning with no problems.

  1. Oh god….I WISH I could sleep like that. I serious think I have an allergy to sleeping. The most I can do is 6 hours a night.

    Gorgeous shot, Val! Love the color!


    • v says:

      i like being in the bed, even if i don’t sleep. it’s such a comfy place. i really couldn’t keep my eyes open friday. i think i need more than 6H, but one morning i woke up at 3 – maybe that was yesterday – and had no desire to go back to sleep.

  2. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been so tired lately. I, too, have been having fatigue issues (I suspect they’re related to my balance disorder. Fortunately I have an appointment w/a world-reknowned specialist on Monday. Wish me luck, regardless.)

    • v says:

      hey lana

      actually i just didn’t get very much sleep last week and then i worked out hard in the gym every day. friday was my first day of coma, i mean rest. i feel more energized actually – was just sleepy. i’m good now. yay.

      hope your appt. goes well.

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