Dairy Queen


Went to DQ after dinner and I believe this is the first time, maybe not, that I did not buy anything. Normally, I indulge in cookies ‘n cream or coffee ice cream with wet walnuts, but I’m trying to lose a few pounds and declined the pleasure. This is progress and maybe the next trip, I will indulge.

13 thoughts on “Dairy Queen

  1. Ok…this is too funny, because not two days ago I was talking to someone at work about how much I love soft serve ice cream cones at Dairy Queen.

    I LOVE Dairy Queen! In fact, while I was living in Japan for a summer, I found a DQ that I would eat at almost every single day. My favorite are the Derby’s!

    AWESOME shot, Val! Love the sky!


    • v says:

      DQ in japan? hmm, never would have imagined. i love DQ and usually buy the same thing, every time. hey, it works. never had a derby.


  2. Did the sky really look like that? It’s cool either way. Tell me what my detail question is. I’ll wait.




    Is that your ride back there behind the Dairy Queen?


    Damn you and your ability to shun the ice cream and its evil caloric content.

    • v says:

      the sky? yes and no.

      wait, here’s the SOOC – straight out of camera – pic


      notice, i removed the power lines, they were just too ugly. well actually i cloned the sky over the power lines, that’s more accurate. HDR to bring out the light. sharpened the pic – this was a hand held and i was’a shakin’. it’s blurry.

      and is that my whip? no, that car is much too nice looking. my ride is to the right of that fancy car.

      i’ll have ice cream the next time, for sure. i just hopped off the scale and it showed me something nice, so abstaining was not difficult. and i had a dream last night that every time i stepped on the scale it went down by a half pound. that’s when i knew it was broken.

    • v says:

      yep. power lines be gone. always wanted a pic of DQ, time of day this was taken is perfect, but i didn’t put any planning into this shot. i took two pictures and kept it moving.

  3. Alright Miss Sassy Pants. I like your dress in the next photo, but comments are closed.

    Even though it allows you to write a comment and hit submit. It’s like, “Psyche!” You can leave a comment but you really CAN’T!

    • v says:

      thanks and i’m sorry, cg. i don’t like turning off the comments – then why did i do it – cause this is a self portrait, but you modified something on your blog for me, so i’m going to open the comments for you. (wait, lemme go check and make sure it’s still as is..okay cool, it’s still standing. thank you very much).

      it’s a self-portrait and i’m not doing a darn thing (have nothing to say) but leaning up against a freaking wall. it’s really my back up shot, but i was too lazy to take anything else when i got home. that’s why i closed it, but hold the phone………..

      i didn’t know it did all of that. i thought it just showed comments closed. that is so wrong and shame on it and me. teasing is sooooo not nice. i will try not to close comments again, no matter how much the picture sucks.

      now if you closed comments on your blog, i’d have a cow. a big one. one that went moo moo.

      okay, uh, i understand better now.

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