Personal Day


i’m calling one in today. not much in the mood for pictures. me after my work out. no meaning to the picture and i have no idea why i’m smiling. i think it’s something people automatically do in front of a camera. used a filter in photoshop for the blur, cropped. night!


6 thoughts on “Personal Day

  1. testing, testing….hi, I’m here. how you doing?


    Great shot, Val! Love the dress. And as I’ve shared with you in past posts….you’ve got the best taste in clothing style. Clean, classic, and chic!

    Like the blurr effect!

    Hope you had a super day, girl!


    • v says:

      what’s up ron. well before you got here, the blog was open, but this post was closed. you could see me through the window sweeping up the joint, stragglers nursing their last cup of coffee, but i was bent on not opening the door.

      then, one of my regular customers pulled me aside and whispered something in my ear right before smacking me in my head. that’s when i promptly pulled a set of keys from my apron pocket, unlocked the door and said, uh hi, we are open for business. how you doing.

      yes, i like the blur too. i wanted to do something cartoonish looking, but i gave up and went with bluzzy. xo

    • v says:

      lol. no girlfriend, although my workout was so pitiful, i didn’t even break a sweat. it was such a waste – kinda pissed me off too – that i should have not even bothered changing my clothes. uggggh.

      no this was after i got dressed to go back to the PEN.

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