Disco Fever


here i am, again, holding up a wall. but this time i’m also selling a vintage LP vinyl record for your listening pleasure. get it now, before the new ipod touch with a camera goes on sale. please.

sleepy me. had a decent day. going to bed now.

there is no album for sale, but it’s okay to still send the 4 easy payments.


9 thoughts on “Disco Fever

  1. OMG…you ROCK, girl!

    Or should I say DISCO, girl?

    LOVE this! You are soooooooooo freaking creative! Love the lighting effect!

    Burn baby burn, disco inferno!

    Hope you had a great day!


    • v says:

      i struggled last night with getting a shot. this wasn’t my original shot, i will have to try that one again.

      again, i was in photoshop playing around, one thing led to another and out pops a tired looking 1970 album.

      my day was okay, but i’m in a slump of some kind. just can’t put my finger on why. hmmmm.


    • v says:

      ohhh, but i was so sleepy. the lights were an after thought, just playing around with a frustrating photo.

      yes, i remember ECK. i think i have a song of hers on my hard drive now. hasn’t been moved to my mp3 player and it probably won’t make it there. 🙂

      so, um, i’ma go dance now.

  2. Don’t laugh. I’ve been buying all those old Disco & 80s R&B MP3s from Amazon lately (mainly because our turntable’s dead, but Disco will never be! *L*)

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