Home Made Pizza Wrap


I know this looks a mess, but it’s not, it’s my dinner. Homemade pizza wrap. It’s only 230 calories, but the sodium is still too high, 990g. Fortunately, I watch my sodium intake daily and had a square to spare.

1 flat out light italian herb wrap
2 sticks of weight watchers mozzarella cheese
1/4 cup of ragu pizza sauce

230g cal
24g carb
10g fat
22g protein
990g sodium
10g fiber


8 thoughts on “Home Made Pizza Wrap

  1. No, this doesn’t look like a mess….it looks heavenly, Val!

    I love thin crust pizza myself, and yet, never even thought to use Italian herb wrap!?! I hate to admit this (being Italian), but I use Ragu pizza sauce too. In fact, I use it as sauce over my pasta. It’s very yummy stuff.

    Thanks for sharing this. I’m going to try it!


    • v says:

      i only used the wrap because that’s what i had. didn’t want to buy anything and felt like a treat, something different than what i’ve been eating all week.

      ragu is good to me. 🙂

  2. So is an Italian herb wrap any different than a tortilla? I’ve tried this concoction with a tortilla and it didn’t come out as well as I would have liked. How much sodium should I be working toward each day? I love salt, but 990 grams sounds insanely high for one meal.

    But if I get 4000 grams per day maybe it’s not that bad.

    • v says:

      i don’t know, cg. i had the flat out bread already, had the cheese, just bought the sauce. trying to keep my calories low and i didn’t want the pizza i ordered because of the sodium. now i need to find another way around making a low sodium pizza.

      i believe the recommend amount of sodium per day is 2500mgs. looking over my diary i average 1400mgs a day. i try to keep that number low because i don’t need anything to help me retain water and make my belly blow up like hootie.

  3. MMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmm! I do accept care packages!!!! I had cheese puffs for lunch — saw your email — and may now have to go to the grocery store to pick up some wraps, ragu sauce and cheese!

    • v says:

      oh yes, your care package. it’s in the mail. cheese puffs! that’s it. i wish i had more time to cook, i love it and then you wouldn’t have to eat cheese puffs, i could just mail a meal. hey there’s a business idea.

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