Pre-Workout Pasta Punch


My pre-workout meal, hopefully it will give me the energy I need. Did not get enough sleep last night and I’m a bit tired. Wheat pasta, w/olive oil, broccoli, parmesan cheese, sauce and crushed peppers.


5 thoughts on “Pre-Workout Pasta Punch

  1. OMG…this is TOTALLY flipping me out, Val!

    Guess what I had for dinner tonight?

    PASTA! That’s right.

    But honestly, mine looked nothing like this. I bet it tasted phenomenal. Girl, you should start a cooking blog; using your photos. You ROCK!

    I’m going to try this the next time I have pasta.

    Great photo! I could actually taste that grated parmesan cheese!


    • v says:

      pasta too! hmm, now i want to guess what you are having for dinner tonight. let me think, hold on……..i see an animal. oh wait, that was my cat, scratch that. you’re a vegan, no wait, not a vegan. you will have steak tonight. i won’t, this is where we separate.

      it was yummy, but i will tell ya, yesterday, my appetite was off the wall! no sooner than i finished this pile of food, my stomach grumbled and said that’s it. just could not be satisfied. i hate that feeling.

      i would love to have a cooking blog, i love, love, love to cook, just not enough time to do it. last week, i did start my dinner in the early morn’…maybe if i can remember to do that on a regular (i won’t) i can cook a variety of meals.


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