Macaroni and Cheese


My favorite meal in the world. Tonight was my first time making it with wheat bread crumbs and it was delicious, my best one yet. I also make a cheese sauce for the noodles, to be mixed in before baking in addition to cheese cubes, with: egg, cream cheese, sour cream and butter.


12 thoughts on “Macaroni and Cheese

  1. I think I need this recipe. Did your kid like it? My kids get all funny about wheat pasta, but if it was covered in cheese they wouldn’t see the slight color difference in the noodles.

    • v says:

      oh girlfriend, it was da bomb. you hear me? it was so delicious, unlike anything i ever tasted. i’m positive it was the wheat italian bread crumbs that put this over the top.

      i don’t have a measured recipe, but ingredients and steps i guess. i literally find stuff i like and throw it together.

      my kid would not this if i paid her. for everything i have wheat, i probably have white and make separate meals. yeah, that’s right. i make variations of dinner/breakfast/lunch because she is not down with brown. what can brown do for her. not a darn thing. this was made with regular pasta, only the bread crumbs were wheat.

  2. oooo…ooooo….I’m gonna have to take your suggestion and try this with bread crumbs. It sounds and looks YUMMY beyond belief!

    You’re cheese sauce also sounds yummy!

    Thanks for sharing, Val!


    • v says:

      it was the best. hands down. i’m really surprised it turned out so well. i’m a mac and cheese expert. i can usually look at people’s m&c and can tell if it’s any good. i get excited when it’s on the menu. really. i can eat it every day three times a day for a while before i’m tired of it.

    • v says:

      wait. wait. wait. i said after today, well yesterday. don’t leave, i haven’t received my million dollar autograph yet. come back. (chases after kathy waving a pack of panties from amazon as a make up gift while screaming, they’re just your size). not that i know, i’m assuming.

      speaking of which, even though i mentioned that my undies look like retired sling shots, the kid challenged me to try on a pair of her underwear; she was sure they would NOT fit, but guess what? i slithered in those bad boys. yes i did, both legs! oh, i couldn’t walk, but i earned a dollar. she won’t bet me money again. hahahah. why am i talking about underwear? oh yeah, it’s your fault kathy. back to the food.

      well there won’t be a food pic today, that’s for sure. i don’t have a clue what i’m going to photograph. if i had your autograph, i would take a picture of it, but, sigh, i don’t.

      did i just hit submit comment?


  3. Drool.

    I am in mourning for the heavenly mac & cheese I had to throw away last night. I just had no appetite, and I’m funny about leftovers, so out it went.

    Yours looks almost as good . . .

    • v says:

      did you just throw food in the garbage. um, might you direct me toward said garbage. no appetite? what’s that like, i wonder? maybe you can bottle what you have and sell it?

  4. I forgive you (on a technicality).

    And now I hate you for saying you can fit into your kid’s underwear, able to walk or not.

    Hey, you should probably have the autograph by now. Care for it. Frame it. Sell it. Just don’t use it to open a credit card account and go shopping, K?

    • v says:

      appreciate it.

      d’oh! dang, i’m back to square one. well yeah, i did get in them, but fat was hanging out from all sides. it wasn’t pretty, but i did it!

      yeah, yeah. i got it this morning. w00t. it will be cared for and protected with around the clock security. credit cards are THE DEVIL, don’t worry. i’m keeping the envelope too. magnet is resting on the fridge.

      and i sent you an email of the pic i took of it. like it could be my photo of the day if approved. maybe your sig. needs to be blurred more. holla back, i don’t wanna take a back up picture today. i’m lazy and sleepy.

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