Plainfield Park


Rode by this park about two weeks ago, went back today just as the sun was setting.


6 thoughts on “Plainfield Park

  1. Oh, Val….can I just tell you, the second I looked at this photograph I went, “Ooooooo…I wish I was there!”

    The color in this photo is AMAZING! Also, I always enjoy how you angle your images. Sooooo cool!

    Thanks for sharing the beauty, girl!


    • v says:

      i do like the angle, minus the other flaws. will fix when i transfer to my site. it’s a nice park. everyone was getting their work out on.

    • v says:

      this is barney’s crib, that’s why the grass is all d’up (i don’t remember) and purple and blue.

      and i was so in the bed before i realized i didn’t upload this thing, but played with it for a minute in my HDR program and the grass is, well see above.

      so, sadly, the purple grass is a figment of my photo editor software’s imagination. if you’d like though, i’d be happy to help you paint your grass purple.

      and the grass is greener on the other side. this time, it’s really true.


      i need coffee.

  2. Sometimes certain shades of blue/violet do weird things to my eyes & brain. The shades in this photo did it. I can enjoy it as a whole, but I can’t focus on the trees or flowers. I’ve always been intrigued with this phenomenon & have no idea why it happens.

    • v says:

      really, wow that is interesting. i wonder if psychology today (mag) has ever done a story about colors and how people react to them. i think they have, but i can’t recall what the article said. hmmm.

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