my resting heart rate is between 50-53 bpm and besides some light cooking and cleaning, i spent most of the day keeping my heart rate low and rested. tomorrow i find out if my shins have healed enough so that i can start putting some mileage on these sneakers and run again.


8 thoughts on “Nike XCCELERATOR

  1. Oh dear, do I dare find out what my resting heart rate is? It’s probably 150-250 bpm – HA!

    Awesome photograph, Val. It truly looks like a Nike ad. I really love the lighting in this shot.

    Hope your shins have healed. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, girl!


    • v says:

      hahah. it is not, stop it. i’m all about numbers because i’m trying to lose weight. i have to measure this, weigh that, time this, figure of the distance for that…and i wear my heart rate monitor and i’m obsessive about knowing and paying attention to these things. it’s a curse and i can’t stop.

      if my shins have not healed, i will post of picture of me crying, maybe using the same lighting as above. that is all.

      thank you.

    • v says:

      awh, cg. it’s not a win or lose thingy, just fact. truth be told, i didn’t know what a freaking resting heart rate was.

      the nurse at my job told me i had a great resting heart rate and i had no idea what she meant, um i don’t go to the doctor at all unless i’m near death sick, and shrugged it off with a so, how’s my sugar?

      i can never or feel or find my heart beat – although my peeps can – because it’s very faint. i always thought i didn’t have a heart and was running on batteries.

      it’s hardly detectable and i assumed it was weak. i still can’t find it, so if you ever walk into a room and i’m rubbing all over my chest, i’m just looking for my heart beat.

      i’m obsessed with my HRM. heck, i’m wearing it now, but i just got back from the gym.

    • v says:

      well i ran on sunday, just a bit, ran yesterday, for just a sec and i’m okay. i won’t push it. i rather run a little than not to be able to run at all. it felt great, when i was at my max.

      i can’t deal with SS anymore. that’s some pain.

      thanks, girlfriend! i still want to come down to golf, okay!

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