Not tonight


I think this is the first time I sat down all day. Just giving my feet a much needed rest here, we’re tired. Good night!

8 thoughts on “Not tonight

    • v says:

      geeze, i’ve been so busy lately, WTH. i finally sat down, or collapsed to watch clean house and thought my feet look photo worthy.

      when are we meeting ron?

    • v says:

      and you know i’m talking to you and you alone when i don my converse. that’s my wave to you, gingah and nobody else. it’s also a secret message. when my dogs are crossed like that and i’m in a resting posting, that means i’m under arrest and i need you to come bail me out of jail.

    • v says:

      blame, i mean, thank the woman above for turning me on to those sneaks. i would love them in a rainbow of colors and still only have one pair. that must change. merci.

  1. After having worked a LOT recently (at the library & on my own, artistic projects,) I’m on the 1st of 7 days off. As such, I TOTALLY “feel” this (& am spending 90% of day one in a similar pose!)

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