little v – 1st day of school


a rare appearance by the princess on her first day of school. and since i’ve already taken 1,232 photos this morning, this will have to do. 🙂



9 thoughts on “little v – 1st day of school

  1. Oh my gosh, look how cute she is! She looks happy to go off to school. Now here’s the important question: was today a full day or half a day?

    It was half a day over here and that is bogus and wrong, but it is what it is, right?

    • v says:

      she said she had butterflies in her belly, but was VERY happy with her first day and said she’s looking forward to going back. WTH? it was a full day, girlfriend. i think she has a day off this week though for the holiday. they probably will be taking school photos on monday and having a fund raiser on tuesday.

      here’s the important question: do i order tubs of cookies like i have in the past. i’m weak for those cookies. the macadamia chocolate chip, sweet momma. hey we probably won’t get them until after october 31st. so yes, yes i will order 42 tubs of cookies. thanks cg, co-pay is at the door.

    • v says:

      thanks lana. yes, they do grow up fast. she does not look 10 to me, but she better act like it.

      i hope she’s saved enough money to attend college or she better be super smart or get smart fast. just spent her college fund on a new fridge.

  2. Val…she is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

    And I’m not simply talking about her gorgeous face, but also that she glows from inside.

    I can tell she’s smart and on the ball too!

    Thanks so much for sharing her with us. It’s so neat to get a glimps into your family.

    Great shot!


    • v says:

      txs. looks nothing like me. thank you lord. she loved her first and second day of school and then the school board gave them the next two days off. huh?

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