i had a few extra minutes this morning before heading in to “work” and thought i would drive by one of my favorite locations to see if i could get a decent picture of the sunrise. it was beautiful, but i didn’t have the right camera or lens. still, it was nice being there, along with the other 3 photographers.


3 thoughts on “Sunrise

  1. Oh, Val…Val…Val…as soon as your page loaded, I made an audable GASP sound when I saw this photo.

    Honest to god, this is incredible! I first thought it was a mountain view of LA that you took on a vacation or something.

    Beautiful….just beautiful!

    Thanks so much for sharing your eyes, Val!


    • v says:

      thanks ron. it’s just okay to me. i really wish i could have gotten there earlier and had the right camera and equipment. still i’m happy i was at least able to get this shot.

      thank you for visiting ron and showing up every day. appreciate it. xo

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