Gray Matter

for you, cg, i will. the image sucks on its own.  had to dress it up.


i love the rain…when i can stay at home in the bed. rain, to me, is a good reason to call a state of emergency or to call out from work. unfortunately, i had to go out in it today so i snapped this picture from the car. now i’m going to bed.


10 thoughts on “Gray Matter

  1. Love that effect! That’s awesome; it looks like a painting. Hey, have you considered showing us a side-by-side of the before and after photos?

    It would have to be a top and bottom based on the format of this blog, but it would be fun to compare the two.

    • You are so accommodating. I love that! I saw this in my Reader so at first I saw the altered photo and the sentence about the photo sucking and I thought, ‘I’m sure it doesn’t suck.’

      And then I scrolled down and thought, ‘Well it’s not as clean and crisp as your usual photos. Maybe that one did need to be dressed up. Thanks for indulging me! I still really like that effect.

      • v says:

        i’ve run out of steam and i think my photos have been licking donkey the last few weeks. on its own, it sucks, but thank the lord for photoshop. a lame photo can be made well again or at least be made strong enough to go through rehab.

    • v says:

      it does look like a painting, right? yes, of course, i have considered showing the side by side or top and bottom (based on the format of this blog – why that gave me a chuckle, i don’t know). please see above picture.

  2. You GO, Val!

    The effect is soooooooooo cool. And I agree with CG, it looks like a painting!

    So clever, you are!

    It was very cool here today, but got no rain.

    Hope you had a great weekend, girl!

    Sleep tight….Zzzzzzzzzzzzz


    • v says:

      i do like the painting look. i didn’t know what else to do with it and since it was cold and raining, i thought it should at least have that look. needs a little light, but my lights were out last night. yeah.

      yes, i slept well.

      i bet you’re enjoying this weather. i do hope the sun comes out today. i can’t deal with this darkness and rain. oh no, here we go.

    • v says:

      amen. call the PEN and let them know i won’t be in. today would have been a great day to stay in bed. ummm, tonight too, it rained heavily and thundered.

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