Finally got around to replacing the iTouch that I dropped in the toilet. This one has a camera, but it’s not as good as the iPhone, but it’s good enough for me. I took this photo with it and it’s the first time I emailed a photo to my (flickr) stream. I will take more photos in better lighting and upload them later.


8 thoughts on “iReplacement

  1. Hey, congrats on your new iTouch, Val!

    Don’t ya love getting something new and trying it out?


    Can’t wait to see more photos taken with it.

    Hope you had a great day, my friend!


    • v says:

      i’m just thrilled to have my ipod back. it’s one device that i relied on for um, productivity. wait, that’s a lie, i love that thing because it’s fun and it can keep me sitting in the corner entertained for hours, baby. seriously, though, it can do everything and it can save me time from having to do tasks when i get home. and it’s fun. heck, now that it has a camera, i can snap a pic and upload it quick without having to wait until i get home.

  2. So that’s your baby in the back there, eh? Does the iPod Touch have a zoom feature or is it more of a point and shoot? I’m amazed that a music player has a camera. I wonder if I could use that at the Y discreetly to illustrate my post on the fake runner.

    • v says:

      that’s one of them, the one that slips into a bag easily and doesn’t take up a lot of space. the one i’ve been carrying for the past few days. (if there is a zoom, i haven’t found out how to work it yet). heck, now i don’t need to carry it. i do wish the camera was a little better, can’t see how to edit the settings, but no real complaints here. that would be *almost* funny if you could get a pic of the runner at the Y. for demonstration purposes only, not to make fun. right.

  3. p.s. I cannot believe you are only eight pictures away from 365! I had to go back to the first one. I like that seed in the lemon. It makes it human, if you will, rather than perfect.

    I imagine, if you ever took my portrait, that’s how I’d explain my nose, laugh lines and zits. The foibles that make me human. Then I’d cry because I’m not photogenic.

    • v says:

      yes, 8 pictures away and it can’t believe it either. i’m going to keep posting, but i doubt it will be in real time, there will be NO MORE self-portraits and i will use film more often.

      hey, i got all that and more. though i don’t wear make up or cover what’s wrong with my face in my pics, it shows up in person more than it does in photos, so when we meet, hold your “damn, what happened to you,” until after jump up and down and hug you hello.

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