Vhantom of the Driva


As I was driving home from work this evening I was also busy taking photos with my gadget just because. No one want to see what’s up my nose, but I do like the shadow and light on my face. It looks like I’m wearing a mask, like in Othello Phantom of the Opera.


6 thoughts on “Vhantom of the Driva

  1. You’re right, Val…

    “It looks like I’m wearing a mask, like in Othello.”

    Also, like in Phantom of the Opera!

    Waaaaaaaay cool-looking! Thanks for sharing!


    • v says:

      yes yes yes, so i get my plays mixed up, i do it with my words, thoughts and er’thing else. hahahhaha. change has been made. phantom, gee i couldn’t think of the play and well they do wear masks in othello. hahahha.

      such a donkey.

      thanks ron.

  2. I thought about Phantom of the Opera, too! Okay, I’m impressed that you’ take and post a picture from the bottom up, but it works because you’re kicking my ass in this 20 in 12 challenge.

    I’d need to take a picture from the top down to simulate a streamlined face. (Cries and thinks about eating a few Chips Ahoy.)

    • v says:

      yes, it’s the phantom of the opera that i really was thinking of…could not think of it last night. i knew something was wrong, because the title didn’t feel right. thanks for the correction.

      i kept my eyes on the road at all times, well 98% of the time. i actually had fun repeatedly pushing the button and then waiting to see if i got anything usable. i guess my double chin is gone and my nose is clean and i really had no time yesterday to take any more pictures. geeze, i’m out of steam.

      you will finish the 20/12 less twenty pounds because we’re not going to stop after october 31 if we’re not done by then. so don’t stop.

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