Speed Demon


the photo i took earlier today made me dizzy, so i opted for a picture of this toy car. played around with it in two programs and it almost drove me crazy. ha! night.

it also took me 4 attempts before i could type my name correctly. it’s past my bed time.

okay so maybe i made the photo look dizzy. take a look, call me when you regain consciousness.


8 thoughts on “Speed Demon

  1. Val…you simply AMAZE me with your unending talent!

    This photo is soooooooooooo cool-looking! And how you created this photo by using a toy car is so freakin’ awesome, because it actually looks like a real car!

    BRAVA, girl!

    10 stars!!!!


    • v says:

      oh ron, you’re going to make me add you to my will. you’ll only get 2 dollars after i’m done spending everything, but it’s from my heart.

      it was either that car or the an apple. i can’t pull a picture out of my butt right now.

      but thanks ron, i feel your energy.

    • v says:

      i know and i thought of you and your scale of 1 to 10 anxiety level and that picture almost broke the needle. so i put it on the back burner, but i didn’t want to be the only one dizzy, so i had to share…for the adventurous folks.

      say the word (____________ (soft, fluffy staple fiber) candy) and it makes me just as dizzy as looking at that photo. never mind, don’t say it. i have to keep putting my hand over my mouth to finish typing this reply. blaaaaaahhhhhhhh

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