I’m Almost There


i can’t believe i’m almost done with this project. i feel as if i’m running out of steam though and unless something else comes along and stands in front of my camera, i may end it with self-portraits.

this was taken at the last minute, of course, and even though i hate hats sometimes i’m grateful to have a few around the house, especially when my hair is a comb away from a “911 what’s your emergency” call.


10 thoughts on “I’m Almost There

  1. OMG, Val…I can’t believe your almost there?!?!?!

    Holy cow, has it already been 361????

    Oh, but please…you’ve gotta keep posting your photographs or I’ll freak. You’ve no idea how much I enjoy coming over here everyday; seeing what you’ve got for us.

    AWESOME shot, girl. And I LOVE the hat! Such a beautiful lady you are!

    Like the alternate shot too!

    Have a great weekend!


    • v says:

      i can’t believe it either. i’m happy, proud, exhausted, excited and sad. oh i’m going to continue taking pictures and posting them, but it won’t be in real time, always. some of the photos will be from film and not digital. no more self-portraits and we’ll see what else.

    • v says:

      not to worry, i think i look stupid in hats too, but sometimes i have to wear them and realize nobody is giving me 2 seconds of thought and nobody cares.

      yay. 361 down!

    • v says:

      i will try to post something every day, but it may be from the photos that didn’t make it the first go round at first, some new stuff and i’ll be throwing in some shots taken with film. if it wasn’t so costly and time consuming and i had better planning, i would do a year of 35mm film shots.

  2. Way to go!

    Now I must know — is that marker on your arm? It has to be water-based if it is, but the first thing I thought was Sharpie. And then I wanted to know if you wrote it yourself. If you’re a righty it’s definitely possible. If you’re a lefty and you did it anyway I’m impressed.


    • v says:

      it’s a sharpie. i use it to color my hair, my shoes, draw in eyebrow hair, label food in the fridge, write notes, write on myself. it’s multi-purpose, it’s a sharpie. but i’m thinking of filing a class action suit against the sharpie. it’s supposed to be a permanent marker and yet, i have to keep coloring my hair with it. sum ting wong. if you’ve been duped by the name permanent marker and want to be apart of my class action suit, dial 1-800-that-aint-right. operators are standing by.

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