Icy Hot


Too tired to share the day, but I will explain the sun glasses. I have a leg injury, I don’t think it’s my knee, but the muscles around it.

I probably pulled something while running, not much of a problem, it doesn’t hurt when I run, but only when I walk.

I guess that could be a problem, but I don’t mind limping while walking, but I do mind limping while running.

So I bought some Icy Hot to rub on my leg, well actually it was the store’s generic brand, but I compared the active ingredients against the more expensive brand name and the generic was good enough and less expensive. I’m down with cheap health care if it’s just as good.

Anyhoo, I rubbed some of the “Icy Hot” on my leg right before I took my self-portrait and then at some point, I rubbed my eye; never said I was smart. I set my eye on fire and spent the next 10 minutes crying through my self-portrait and not being able to fully open my eye.

Gee, I probably could have just said I had a nice day, it would not have been as lengthy.

6 thoughts on “Icy Hot

  1. OUCH!?*@# OMG…I bet that burned like hell.

    I’ve done the same with tea tree oil – YAWZA!

    Hey, but I love the photo, Val! Like how you positioned yourself off center.

    Hope both your leg and eye are on the mend. Have a super Sunday!


    P.S. I too get the generic brands. I find them just as effective.

    • v says:

      yeah that was dumb of me.

      i like off centered, describes me well. i was going for gritty and hard looking.

      eye’s better. ha ha

      my leg is still hurting, but seriously put me in front of a treadmill and i will run on it like the wind. it doesn’t hurt while i’m running. doing some research it could be my back or hamstring. herniated disc, maybe. i’m breaking down.

      i hate to pay more when the generic brand has the same ingredients. this stuff burns and i like it like that, i feel like it’s working. i also like that it stinks.

  2. When I read that you rubbed your eye, I actually whispered, out loud, “aauugghhh,” cause I don’t want to wake the kids. Ow. Ch. Damn.

    Also had to laugh when I saw that you read the active ingredients on the store brand; I do the same. No sense in spending $10 to alleviate ‘rhoid pain when you can do the same for half the price.

    • v says:

      i’m a donkey. it’s weird that i didn’t wash my hands after using the cream. duh.

      amen and i would feel comfortable sending you to the store to do my shopping. that’s right, turn that box over and compare the active ingredients. this stuff burns too and it feels wonderful. i turn food boxes over too. i compare sugar, sodium, calories and, of course, the price.

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