Late Night in Paris


it’s is so past my bed time that i turned into a pumpkin twice, and why it took me so long to get this photo done and uploaded.

when i’m not turning into a pumpkin, in my spare time, i bake cheesecake. i took a few selfies while waiting on it to finish baking.

i don’t have a clue why i’m staring off into space, maybe i’m thinking about going to bed. this is my last hat and i’ll have to comb my hair tomorrow. darn!

6 thoughts on “Late Night in Paris

    • v says:

      frances, i said i was going to smash my cameras when this project was over, but i will keep it going. some how. i always have one of my babies with me, why the heck not. might as well use them for something. my last “photo” was supposed to be a video (it’s still in my head if you want to see it) and i was going to go out with a bang in dramatic fashion, but i went flat like an 8 day old bottle of pepsi that has been sitting out on the kitchen counter for days.


  1. You’ve definitely caught pensive via the look in your eyes — relaxed, dreamy and thoughtful. I wonder if you can see that since you’re looking at your own portrait. I can’t see past my mug which I hate seeing except in a mirror. And I’m not keen on seeing it in the mirror, either.

    • v says:

      i try not to look at the self-portraits again, so i won’t even bother to scroll up and will take your word for it. oh i didn’t post the photo of me leaning up against the wall crying because i wanted to go to bed, hold on, let me find it. and i paid for that late night in paris.

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