until the fat lady sings


i know! what is is this? well it is my photo and it isn’t.

after i finished taking my selfie, i connected the camera to the computer and nothing! zilch. zip. nada. the camera said wait a moment. i got mad and said wait a second!

long story short, the card appears to be working, i can take pictures, but i can’t upload anything right now. i switched the card from another body i use as a back up, took some photos and it uploaded fine.

i’m not sure what’s going on right now, but i used another camera to take a picture of my picture so i could go to bed. maybe it’s time to get a some new cards and i’m so glad i only use 4g CF cards. now, i’m thinking of getting a few 2g cards, i can’t afford to lose any pics, especially if they’re vacation pics.

if i can get the picture uploaded, i’ll replace this,maybe. if not this one will have to do. just goes to show ya, ain’t nothing over until the fat lady sings and right now her mouth is full of donuts and more krispy kremes are on the way.

just one more day lady!


8 thoughts on “until the fat lady sings

  1. Sorry you’re having problems! I was horrified to discover that my new computer wasn’t compatible with my EOS Rebel. Fortunately I’ve found a work around! *whew*

    • v says:

      Yikes. I ordered a new card. I will need it next month while on vacation. I CANNOT have crap that doesn’t work or I have doubts about. I marked the card as faulty although it’s working now. We have trust issues and maybe after counseling we may be able to resolve our differences. Everything gets 1 pass, but with the left eye of scrutiny. Thats the only reason it is not in the trash. You still there, hello?

  2. Nooooo! Oy, that’s one of my recurring nightmares — that one day I just won’t be able to access my blog. No matter what. I know. My blog is not a camera, but I feel the same way about my blog as you do about your camera.

    I hope the card frees the photos sooner than later.

    • v says:

      I hope that day never comes for you. It’s enough to make one drink. The card is working now, it gave up the images, but it’s on time out and mama already has a replacement in the wings.

  3. Sorry you’re having so many issues. Hope everything gets resolved asap. And I cant believe in just ONE MORE DAY you will be done with the 365 project! PS: I haven’t had a krispy kreme doughnut in forever!

    • v says:

      I know meleah, one more day. I struggled in the end. I had a KK wait that doesn’t look nice, I had a krispy Kreme earlier this year. I rather have carrot cake

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