Perfect Stranger

This was taken earlier this year on a day trip to Bryant Park in the City (New York of course, there’s only one City).

I was sitting directly across from this man and I couldn’t help but take his picture because he looked so deep in thought.

I doubt he saw me as I was also taking other pictures of strangers in the park. I liked his pose and his killer hat.


7 thoughts on “Perfect Stranger

    • v says:

      if i were him, i would beat me up. um i have a photo of a woman sleeping, that might be my last stranger photo, oh wait, it’s not (NYers are so freaking interesting). hopefully, we can scoot over there tomorrow.

  1. Nice shot. Funny…growing up as I did on Long Island, there’s never any question what “the City” is (just like when I lived in the Niagara Region & there was no confusion about “the Falls.”)

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