Row of Trees

This was taken a few months ago at Liberty State Park. I thought the rows of trees (and lights) were interesting.

12 thoughts on “Row of Trees

  1. Whenever I see a row of trees I always wonder how they planted the seeds to make the row so perfect. I’m sure you’ve seen rows and rows of trees where the rows are like cornstalks in their perfection.

    How do they do that? (Remember that show? I thought that show was awesome and I still remember one of the hosts was Cathy Lee Crosby.)

  2. Beautiful capture, Val!

    Me too, love how the lights and trees are facing one another.

    Whenever I see a line of trees like that, it always reminds me of tin soldiers marching in time!


    • v says:

      actually we were sitting on the grass just chillin and i looked to my right and thought, hey, that’s pattern is interesting – now looking at the photo makes me dizzy. maybe because i’m just waking up and i feel like a weebles wobble

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