Sat on the beach this afternoon and the weather was great.. There wasn’t too much to photograph, so I made a dollar out of 15 cents.


8 thoughts on “OBX

  1. Yaaaaaaaaaaay….you posted! I’ve been so missing your photos, Val!

    OMG…and this one is freakin’ faaaaaabulous! It looks like a picture postcard!

    And I’m curious, how did you make a dollar out of 15 cents? Do you think I could make 100 dollars out of 5 cents?


    • v says:

      Um yeah, I need to post more. True that. Every day was fun, most of the time.

      1.00/15 means to make something out of nothing. There was nothing on that beach. Stolen from a children’s song/hand game.

      Yes I can make 100$ from 5 cents, under the think and grow rich method. It’s all in the mind. And the reason I’m not rich is because being poor keeps me creative. When extra money is needed, I think and poof!

      Maybe there’s not enough oxygen getting to my brain.

      Thanks Ron.

      v Sent from my iPod

  2. I can’t believe how nice the weather has been so far into October. I suppose it could have been 40 degrees F and sunny but it looks warmer than that. Those shades of blue are excellent.

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