The Pier

it took me forever and a day to get this photo uploaded. i’m working on a crappy computer. i can’t even see the details in this picture, so here’s to hoping it’s decent enough. i was able to crop it and that’s it.

taken this morning during a bike ride. i did have to stop to take this picture. 🙂


10 thoughts on “The Pier

  1. Decent enough? Holy cow….it’s stunnning, girl!

    The color, the balance, the whole mood. And I love the moon as it lingers.

    Such a peaceful and calming image.

    Have a super Saturday, Val!


    • v says:

      Cool. The computer where I am’s hard to see the image. I can see it a bit more on my handheld -but it’s not the best gauge. Anyhoowho when we road past this area, I knew I had to stop, it spoke to me. I photographed it one day then went back alone the next day. Morning light is so much prettier.

      v Sent from my iPod

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