Halstead Street

I’m almost certain I took this while stopped at a red light. I liked the clouds above.


8 thoughts on “Halstead Street

  1. Holy cow, Val…this is beyond SPECTACULAR!!!!

    Yes, the clouds above are incredible!

    Again, so many of your images look as though they come from a dream state.

    You are so talented, girl! Proud to know you!

    Hope you’re having a super weekend!


    • v says:

      hey there ron! i love the clouds too. storm clouds, at times, have their own mood and beauty, although this was just a cloudy day. i still look at the clouds with wonderment and daydream. then the car behind me toots its horn and i’m zapped back to reality.

      awh you’re so sweet. thanks ron. when are we going to meet?

    • v says:

      i don’t remember what was going on or if it rained or not. i do know the clouds had me by the collar and it was hard to look away. wonderful to gaze upon.

    • v says:

      are they not? i love them. some of the best lighting is right before or after a storm. the air is crisp and fresh…it makes my heart smile.

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