Pants on the Ground

I love New York City. It’s the best place on earth to people watch. I hate to see boys/men with their pants around their knees with a belt on. Look at his man bag!


12 thoughts on “Pants on the Ground

  1. “I love New York City. It’s the best place on earth to people watch.”

    Oh, you said it, girl! There is NO place on this earth like NYC! The sights, smells, sounds, and energy are awesome! It’s a city that shares it’s life force.

    “Look at his man bag!”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Well, you already know how I feel about this, hu?

    Great shot!


    • v says:

      someone on my flickr page said that bag is something special, like a designer bag and he paid a lot of money for it. me? i thought it was his lunch. i don’t do designer anything. looks like he should taken that money and bought himself a shirt instead of walking around in that undershirt, but he’s not mine, so carry on. i don’t get having a hundred dollar bag and a 2$ outfit, but then again, my bags (i have two pocketbooks and 3 camera bags..priorities baby) are pretty cheap looking while i try to stay clean, so um, forget i even said anything. you go man! rock that overpriced lunch bag. it’s not nice to judge or fool with mother nature.

      hi ron, i hope to get back there soon. the city is so close and yet so far away. i used to spend a lot of time over there when i had more freedom!

  2. Got a few thoughts on this one: Yeah, that’s a purse. You can put lipstick on a pig and it’s still a pig. Same goes for that purse.

    The sidewalk there looks way too clean to be in New York. I believe you but I’m shocked that’s a sidewalk in NYC.

    I’m surprised the two guys walking toward you didn’t have self-conscious looks on their faces. Although it is New York. New Yorkers could give a rip about what other people think of them.

    Well done, master.

    • v says:

      it’s a purse/lunch bag to me too..and it’s not a gym bag cause….(cough). that’s a pocketbook. haahhaha.

      yes the sidewalk is clean, i hadn’t noticed. i think we were on the west side, not far from madison square garden, if i remember correctly. girlfriend, some areas in ny are clean, especially the west side, well higher up anyway.

      right. NYers don’t give a flying fig what you are doing and if you take their photo. hold on, i have something just for you. check this out. i took this on the same day cause they were tore up from the floor up…i have some hold music for you…………….yes, it’s jazz, relax…….hello, okay i’m back. bam!

      From Stuff


      From Stuff

      nuff said.

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