gone but not forgotten

i’m in cleaning mode and well, perhaps when i’m done there will be a hurricane named after me. i thought it would be nice to get a picture of these squatters before they’re shipped off to a new home and the kid can keep the collage for her photo book or she can hang this photo on her wall. they are gone, but not forgotten.

individual portraits and their story can be found here.


13 thoughts on “gone but not forgotten

  1. Oh, how adorable, Val!

    Love how you made them into a collage.

    The Dorney Park bear is just tooooo cute!

    This reminded me of my old Beanie Boy Doll from the Beanie and Cecil Show, I use to have when I was a kid.

    Gone, but not forgotten.


    • v says:

      greetings ron. i do like this photo myself and have the perfect place to hang it in the kid’s room…even though she’s getting a wee bit old for pics like this…it can hang for a year or two.


  2. I know I’ve told you this before, but I must say it again: I absolutely love the photos that use solid colors in the background. I need to try doing that.

    Excellent job, as usual.

    • v says:

      whispers out of the side of her mouth: i told you you’re in my will already.

      awh, thanks cg. yes please try it. i would love to see your work. you know you’ve been meaning to photograph your converse. hop to it, sister!

      i need to go to the art store tomorrow and get some more colored paper, preferably colored paper that’s not wrinkled. i need to take better care of my paper. smell me?

  3. Nice job on the collage. I should start doing more of this kind of thing with different themes that I photograph. I just did a series of HDR images that would work well in a montage or collage like this.

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