slanted row of color

this was taken last week in between my cleaning spree, which is still going on by the way. i rented the lens i used to take this photo to see if i wanted to buy it, but i think the one i have that costs less money is sufficient. so i’ll be returning it monday unless a bag of money falls from the sky.  more pics of crayons.


8 thoughts on “slanted row of color

  1. Gorgeous! Hey, Crayola drops a giant crayon from a crane at midnight on NYE. I have to decide whether I want to hit that one up next year or stick with the Peep Drop.

    Happy New Year, Val! I hope you find that bag ‘o money. If not that, then I hope you have a lot of equally fulfilling events in 2011. Altho, yeah, the money would be good, wouldn’t it?

    • v says:

      hey kathy! oh crayola. hmmm? memory tells me you’re 10 minutes from the crayola factory. i’ve been meaning to go there…if i make it, i’ll call ya.

      stay with the peep drop. doesn’t make sense to stay up late waiting on the next day when you can see it when you wake up after a night of rest. actually, for the first time in years i was up when the new year arrived, not on purpose tho.

      yes, bag of money. desperately need it. if i wasn’t so lazy, i could create some money. oh well.

  2. Faaaaaabulous shot, Val!

    OMG…the colors just POP!

    I have this ‘thing’ about crayons. I LOVE to smell them – HA!

    Yup! Crayons and Play-Doh!

    Happy New Year, my friend! Wishing you a picture perfect 2011!


    • v says:

      what’s up, ron! i know what you mean about the smell, it’s hard not to put a crayon up to your nose or even in your nose and take a whiff.

      thanks and backatcha!

    • v says:

      meleah! thanks girlfriend. the three/four of us must get together again this year (and ron better be there too.) we can even play golf although i’m using my bowling ball and a baseball bat to tee off.

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