first concert


first concert, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.

the kid has her first concert next week, it should be fun and entertaining to watch. i gave her violin a “vintage” look in lightroom. used available light and black velveteen for the backdrop. more pics are here.

14 thoughts on “first concert

  1. LOVE the vintage look you gave your kids’ violin. It’s awesome!

    And btw, the violin is my favorite instrument!

    Please tell your kid I said, “Break a leg” for the concert!

    *theater term for, “Good Luck!”

    Have a super weekend, girl!


    • v says:

      thanks ron. finding the right composition was more challenging, but i do like the vintage look.

      i love the violin too…it’s not the guitar, but it’s still a sweet instrument. she will have to play until she makes enough money to support herself or until age 45, whichever comes first.

      yes, break a leg. got it.

      you enjoy too. i’m ready for the bed.

  2. That is a fancy looking violin; when I was in school I used a second-hand violin that was pretty beat up. Are you renting this one or is it yours?

    Well done, as usual!

    • v says:

      not fancy at all, not even a name brand. it was purchased ’cause had we rented it and the kid lost it, it would cost $700-800 to replace and it would be a shame for the kid to have to drop out of school and go to work. i’m just saying.

    • v says:

      hey tarheel rambler, i know you. you take photos, wow, i must see….

      thanks. i think this one will go on a wall somewhere at home.

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