brownie, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.

a few months ago a relative passed in death and this past weekend a few of us went over to his place to help clean out his house.

i saw this brownie sitting in the floor and naturally was intrigued by it. i did a little research and originally this camera sold for $5, today it’s worth twice as much, or 10 bucks.

i may try to find film for it or i may continue to use it as a prop. i used three different lenses to take this series of photos, hand held and a tripod, natural lighting coming from the living room windows and sooc.


7 thoughts on “brownie

  1. So sorry to hear about the passing of your relative, Val.

    ((( Val )))

    And what a wonderful item for you to have as a memory/keepsake!

    OMG…$5??? Even at 10 bucks I think that’s really great.

    As soon as I saw this photo I was immediately transported back into 50’s. I think I remember seeing one of my own relatives with one similar to this.

    Awesome shot! I also enjoyed viewing the series.


    • v says:

      thanks ron (( )).

      yes, i don’t normally like to keep things, but i will get some use out of this camera as a camera and a prop. going to put some film in it soon, just have to order it. i’m interested in seeing the results.


    • v says:

      appreciate it meleah.

      i would like to run one roll of film through it. pretty expensive for 8-12 exposures though and processing. i’ll just have to close my eyes and do it.

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