gorilla, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.

went to the bronx zoo today and the gorillas were very entertaining. this one made me laugh the most, maybe because i gave him a voice. the expression on his face was like “dang, i can’t believe they caught me in the jungle and this is my life.” he had such a diva in prison attitude and held this pose forever.

more zoo pics here

7 thoughts on “gorilla

  1. *doing the happy dance*

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay….you posted! I have missed your photos so much, girl!

    What an AWESOME capture, both in color and black and white!

    And yes, you can definitely see his diva in person attitude – LOVE IT!

    Funny you mentioned the zoo because a woman I work with wants to go to The Philadelphia Zoo sometime this month, and asked me if I wanted to join her. I said, “Yup!”

    Can’t wait to take my camera there!


    • v says:

      hi ron, i missed me. :/

      oh his facial expressions were too funny.

      been to the philly zoo, i like it. would love to go back. i love the zoo. look forward to your pics.

  2. Great shot & interpretation. Very nice rendered in b/w, too. I LOVED the Bronx Zoo as a kid…Do they still have the big, open bird house there? I could spend all day there as a kid.
    Sorry for my recent absence, btw. Spring is my busy visual arts marketing season & I’ve been taking advantage of every opportunity before the oppressive heat gets here!

    • v says:

      yes, they do, didn’t go in though.

      i’m sorry for my absence too. no need to apologize. life is busy, time is short, etc. still here.

  3. Yes!!! You posted again!

    What a fantastic photograph. And I love your idea of his inner monologue. That cracked me up!

    I haven’t been to the zoo in decades. My house is the zoo!

    • v says:

      sup girlfriend! oh i had to verbalize his inner monologue when i was there. he was just too funny. loved his face and attitude. males can be divas too. humpf.

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