Sunday Sanity

Sunday Sanity, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.

trying to stay sane without exercise by photographing. yay.


6 thoughts on “Sunday Sanity

  1. Oooo…how pretty, V!

    Gorgeous color and clarity. I feel like I could reach out at touch it!

    Glad you’re staying sane without exercise. I just came back from grocery shopping; carrying FOUR bags of food in this humidity – OY VEY – and it’s only May!

    Happy Memorial Day, Girl!


    • v says:

      hey ron, thanks.

      i’m trying to stay sane, keeping busy doing other things anyway. i guess you got your exercise on with your grocery shopping. i know how much you love the heat. 🙂

  2. Very lovely! I was hoping our recent road trip “out West” would restore my sanity. Now it just makes me wish we never came back. *L*

    • v says:

      hey lana, oh it’s been so long since i’ve visited you (and posted something on my blog). i’ll be sure to get over there soon.

      maybe another road trip will do the trick. 🙂

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