downtown atlanta

Downtown Atlanta, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.

took this one while visiting ATL last week. i love my clouds and pointing my camera upward, couldn’t resist firing off two shots before the light changed.


2 thoughts on “downtown atlanta

  1. OMG, so THAT’S where you were…Atlanta! Ya know, I could slap myself silly for never visiting that city while living in the south. I hear it’s an AWESOME city!

    Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaabulous capture, girl! LOVE the reflection of the clouds on the windows!!! That sky is AMAZING! And of course, you know my love of black and white, so this photo ROCKS!!!!

    I just love your ‘eye’ for photography!

    Have a super weekend, V!


    P.S. great to see you posting here again.

    • v says:

      yep, from NJ to MD to ATL. wasn’t as bad a road trip as i imagined, i slept most of the way going down.

      i love the south, they are so relaxed.

      i loved the clouds that day, i looked to my right and there was this building, had to shoot it.

      i suck at all things posting.

      thanks ron!

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