new york style

i was standing behind this guy while waiting on the train. thought he’d make an interesting photo.

also this is probably the best way to photograph new yorkers: when they’re not looking.

8 thoughts on “new york style

  1. Well…you know how I feel about photographs of NYC (my favorite city in the world), so I LOOOOOOOOVED this!!!

    Also, I love YOUR photography, Valerie! I like how you captured this totally unsuspected and natural. AND in black and white!

    And funny, I use to live off 5th Aveue when I was a resident of the city – 65th and 5th.

    Great capture, girl!


    P.S. btw, the like this new template because it really presents your photographs beautifully.

    • v says:

      thanks meleah! i haven’t gotten an in your face photo yet like “real” street photographers. i guess i’m still wearing pull-ups and that’s fine. i’m very warm.

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