take two

take two

sat on the floor with the flowers on the coffee table. used my trusty old olympus e-1 and my olympus om 50mm lens. edits in lightroom and cropped to 6 x 6 ratio.


2 thoughts on “take two

  1. Val, your eye for capturing images always blows me away!

    WOW! This photo ROCKS! Love the clarity of the flowers in contrast to the soft focus perimeter!

    “…., but these flowers are a reminder of what’s good.”

    Isn’t it something how we can see an image that puts everything back into a clearer perspective?

    ((((( You )))))

    Happy Sunday, my friend!


    • v says:

      oh i took several photos different places around the house, this was my last attempt to make it the least bit interesting. yeah, sometimes i guess visuals help me remember how blessed i really am despite the challenges, aches and pains. i have no reason to complain and want for nothing, well i do, like i have been. things could be worse and it’s temporary. though not pleasant at all, at least there IS a light at the end of the tunnel. that crap about “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is wrong…i just endured, but death was looking good to me. hahhahaha. yes, happy sunday to you too, ron.

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