day 2: skyline

the weather today in NJ is rainy, cloudy and our skylines are MIA.  this is an oldie but suitable for posting as it meets the requirements picture. it was taken in december 1991 (during my film days) and is a photo of the downtown skyline in hotlanta.


4 thoughts on “day 2: skyline

  1. Val, the skyline against that cloudy sky is breathtaking!

    I can’t believe in the 20 years I live in the south, I never visited Atlanta. I hear it’s an awesome city!

    Yup…it’s rainy and cloudy here in Philly today too.


    • v says:

      it’s really all i had. would have been nice to get out to find something better, but just as well it’s been a painful day for me and i needed the rest. tomorrow will be easier though, picture wise. it was 1991 and who knows where the heck where i was traveling to back then. i really had to look and confirm where that photo was taken. they have built up downtown atlanta a lot since then. i like it there myself.

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