day 4: fun

i haven’t had any fun in a long time. however, i do enjoy and have fun playing parking lot on my itouch. the goal is to move the cars around until the red vehicle is free to exit (right near where the yellow car is blocking). there’s no time limit on how long it takes to complete each puzzle, but there’s a bonus in points if the puzzle can be solved in the least amount of moves. i’m on the expert level and the puzzles are difficult; makes me wanna holla.  yep, my idea of fun, lame i know.

4 thoughts on “day 4: fun

  1. COOOOOOOL photo, Val!

    I can’t believe how CLEAR you captured the image on the phone. It’s so clear that it almost looks as though it’s superimposed ON the phone – WOW!

    I’m so uneducated on all these awesome apps. that they have on smart phones because I don’t even OWN a cell phone whatsoever 😦

    Have a great weekend, girl! And listen, when you come to Philly to meet up (hopefully sometime this summer when I have off), we’ll have FUN!


    • v says:

      thanks ron. no cell phone for you? i hate the phone, but darn those times my homing pigeons go on strike, i need a backup.

      oh yes, we must meet. i’m sure meleah is ready to go and we will be dragging kathy along with us as well.

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