day 5: bird

i sat by different windows in the house throughout the day just waiting for a bird to fly by, smile, and let me take its photo. that never happened, so i went with a lure.

i threw pieces of a croissant on the roof outside of the kitchen and waited. finally this little guy came by and started eating the bread. i was happy with the photos i had taken and put my camera away.

then i looked out the window again and there was a freaking blue jay on the ledge. i grabbed my camera but it was too late. well now i’m no longer satisfied with the photos i had taken after seeing the colorful blue jay and waited for it to return. it never did so i present the gluttonous bird that returned several times.

i may have to use pieces of the same bread to lure tomorrow’s subject in front of the camera.

4 thoughts on “day 5: bird

  1. Valerie, I adore sparrows so I LOVE this shot! 🙂

    Great clarity and crispiness, considering how fast these little guys move.

    Yeah, and aren’t they gluttonous little buggers? I love watching them compete with the squirrels in the park to see who can grab the cookie crumbs first – HA!

    Maybe Mr. Blue Jay will stop back again tomorrow, but honestly this photo is VERY cool!

    Hope you’re having a FAB weekend, girl!


    • v says:

      hi ron, i don’t, especially after seeing that blue jay, it was so beautiful i can’t believed i missed it. i even tried doing a blue jay call to lure it back and i don’t even know what that is – i just made up some call of the wild bird sound. sigh.

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