day 8: a smell i adore

i love to smell yummy and this is one of my favorite scents.  i first smelled it on my mom and liked it so much she gave it to me. also in my rotation:

donna karan cashmere

armani diamonds for women

skin so soft


6 thoughts on “day 8: a smell i adore

  1. First, I’m just like you….I love to smell yummy! And since I’m in the fragrance and cosmetic industry, I ADORE smelling fragrances all day.

    Second, I LOVE THIS SHOT! It’s absolutely STUNNING! It could be used as an AD, it’s that GOOD!

    Third, I’ve smelled this fragrance before and it’s a GREAT one!

    Fourth, LOVE Donna Karan Cashmere Mist. In fact, it’s one of my favorite female fragrances. And I have a secret to tell you…..I use the Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Deodorant. Have you ever tried it? It’s truly the best deodorant on the market.

    Fifth, LOVE Armani Diamonds for women and I’m so annoyed that they took off the market because it was the best fragrance Armani had for women.

    Sixth, LOVE Skin So Soft from Avon!

    You’ve got GREAT taste in fragrance, girl!


    • v says:

      if you wear perfume to bed too, i’m going to hug you. lol
      i think my mom bought touche from a discount store. it was inexpensive and right up my alley – tho i didn’t even pay for that bottle. it smells wonderful.
      i was given the DK as a gift – came with lotion, deodorant and spray, not sure about the soap. i didn’t like the deodorant. i think i’m potentially way too funky for that one. i’m SURE i need something to keep my SECRETS or i’d be BANned. i switched to BAN for good.
      wait – diamonds is off the market. i only have that one bottle. OMG!
      i LOVE my skin so soft. the original scent.

      • “if you wear perfume to bed too, i’m going to hug you.”

        Well, when we finally meet you can hug me because, yes….I wear fragrance to bed too – I kid you not! I even like to spray some on my sheets.

        “wait – diamonds is off the market. i only have that one bottle. OMG!”

        Yes, but I think you can still get it at like one of those perfume outlet stores that are in malls. So if you find it, buy a couple bottles because eventually it will not be available. And that’s bummer because it’s truly my favorite Armani fragrance for women 😦


        • v says:

          you are something else. okay i’ve never sprayed the sheets. lol i will have to put my scouts out there in search of diamonds. that’s a shame, i love the smell. i like this one too: Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio For Men and sure it’s strong enough for a man, but made for a woman. hahahaha

          do you remember samsara? i forget what it smelled like but that was also one of my favorites. so long ago, darn i am old, i mean mature. well sometimes.

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