day 10: a favorite word


i wrote a post about favorite words many moons ago on my think blog, but before i chose a word to upload today, i went back just to make sure i was in agreement with myself and i was. except i forgot all about loquacious, but it is one of my favorite words. the runner-ups are: verbose, incognito, enigmatic, inconsequential.  what’s yours? i just have to know.


4 thoughts on “day 10: a favorite word

  1. Well Val, you taught me something with this post because I had never heard of the word loquacious before, but I LOVE the way it sounds. And after reading its meaning, I can see that it pertains to me at times – HA!

    I also love the words, incognito and enigmatic.

    Let’s see, a few of my favorite words are: predominately, affinity, monumental, and precognitive.

    Great photo! I need to learn how to get that effect of clarity in the center of the photo, and that soft focus-look around parameter. I love that!

    Hope you’re enjoying your time off!


    • v says:

      i love predominately. will have to add that one to my top 10 list.

      you’ll need a lens with a wide aperture. 😉 thanks ron.

      i wish i were enjoying my time off. can’t do what i want to do really.

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