day 12: something that makes me happy

music makes me happy. i listen to it all the time and if i’m not in a great mood, it’s just the thing to make me feel a little bit better.  favorite thing to listen to while cleaning or working out.


4 thoughts on “day 12: something that makes me happy

  1. Me too, Val…music makes me happy!

    And I’m one of those people who when I hear music that has a great rhythm, my body just automatically moves to it. You should see me at work when something GOOD comes on over at the MAC counter; I started dancin’ right there in the middle of the sales floor and I don’t care WHO sees me – HA! In fact, today, something came on by Mary J. Blige (Just Fine) and I started movin’ and groovin’

    Music is one of those things that touches the soul.

    Another GREAT photo, girl!

    Have a FAB rest of your weekend…..X

    • v says:

      hey ron, well i’m not really a public dancer, more like a private dancer (hey that’s a tina turner song). i love that mjb song, great dancing music. music is beautiful and being able to hear is truly an amazing gift.

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