day 18: something i made

this was my 3rd time making this banana bread recipe. the first time it came out okay, but i poured too much batter in to a small loaf pan, so the middle was a little mushy. the 2nd time it came out okay, but the bottom was not as soft as i would have liked.  the third time i poured the right amount of batter in a bigger loaf pan, but i’m still having a problem with the bottom of the loaf being too hard and too dark, see the sides on the left. i bought a new loaf pan (one that distributes heat evenly) and my other option is to lower the recommended temperature in the oven. it was very good, but i’m going to keep baking this until i “perfect” it. i love all my desserts with nuts.

4 thoughts on “day 18: something i made

  1. Val, I think when you and I finally meet in person, we can spray fragrance on ourselves and eat the same foods, because we seem to enjoy the same in BOTH – HA!

    I ADORE banana bread with a passion! But unlike you, I don’t cook or bake, so I’ve never tried making it myself.

    To me, the bread in your photo LOOKS perfect!

    And I love my desserts with nuts too.

    Great photo, girl! Looks good enough to eat right off my monitor!

    Hope you had a super Friday!


    • v says:

      hey ron, cool, and, and we both know not to pick food off the other’s plate because we’ll both get stabbed with a fork. ha! i LOVE banana bread, i will probably make it again tomorrow or until i get the darn thing right. that’s twice this week.

    • v says:

      ewwwwww. i’ve never licked a screen. maybe done something to a mirror a few times, but never my monitor. thanks mel.

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