day 19: a favorite place

the outer banks of north carolina is and will always be my favorite place to visit or vacation.  we usually go once a year, but didn’t go last year and probably won’t go this year, so this photo is from 2010, the last home we rented.

i love it there because there’s not much to do.  to me a vacation means rest, something i don’t get to do at home.  the house is yards away from the beach, the running/riding trails are fantastic, it’s quiet, beautiful, relaxing, the house is loaded with amenities and there’s no reason to leave.  of course, if one must, there’s golf, ATVs, an aquarium, basketball, tennis, sailing, kayaking; all depends on how far one wants to drive.  normally we’re in corolla but we have stayed in duck.  i highly recommend this area, but don’t go if you’re looking for action. i couldn’t find the link to our 2010 house, but the inside is the same as the house we stayed in in 2009:

4 thoughts on “day 19: a favorite place

  1. Wow…what a beautiful-looking home to rent, Val!

    I’ve passed through Carolina’s on my way coming to Philly when I first moved here, and it was so lovely. I stopped overnight (at a hotel) and found the people who live in the Carolina’s to be some of the most sweetest and friendliest people I’ve ever met.

    “to me a vacation means rest, something i don’t get to do at home.”

    I agree! I can do nothing but rest and relax on a vacation and be totally happy with that.

    Great photo, girl!

    Hope you’re having a wonderful Saturday!


    • v says:

      ron, IT. IS. FABULOUS. i so love it there, i feel at home. it’s a great place to escape from the mayhem and foolishness at home. no horns honking, no rushing. just quiet and solitude and peacefulness if i want. it’s a shame we’re not going this year, maybe next year. enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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