day 25: unusual

this was not what i originally had in mind for today’s photo.  a few weeks ago my kid wrote a check for $1,000,000 to our cat blaise. not really unusual, but funny, and it’s all i had at the time and was going to it.

what’s unusual is the check is missing and i can’t find it anywhere.  she said she could write another one (apparently she doesn’t know anything about bouncing checks) but i said never mind because it would not have been the same.

so i looked all around the house for something unusual and beside the peeps who live here, i couldn’t find anything other than this basket  made by the kid some years ago. i found it sitting pretty at the top of a closet tho not sure what it is, a basket of some kind, but kept it because it makes me look good.

4 thoughts on “day 25: unusual

  1. “a few weeks ago my kid wrote a check for $1,000,000 to our cat blaise.”

    HA! OMG….that IS funny!!!! But like you, I’m curious as to what happened to that check?!?!?

    LOVE your second choice of unusual, Val! I adore those vivid colors. It almost looks something an American Indian would make for some special ceremony.

    I also like how you photographed it. It looks as though it’s floating in mid-air. Did you shoot it on piece of black velvet background? However you did it, it’s faaaabulous!

    Have a wonderful weekend, girl!


    • v says:

      ron if the cat is gone in another week, then i will know she took the check and ran. can’t find the darn thing.

      yeah, black velvet. the basket should not look like it’s floating. i knew that and was wrong, but at 8:00 in the evening, stuff happens and things float and jimmy crack corn. ha!

      thanks for stopping by.


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