day 26: 12 o’clock


not much of a challenge today, i only had to find the right clock or watch  to photograph. stole this from the kid and positioned next to a window for the lighting.  this is a cropped photo.


4 thoughts on “day 26: 12 o’clock

  1. I was immediately going to mention how much I love the ‘lighting’ in this photo and ask you HOW you got it, I kid you not!

    The window! Very nice effect, Val!

    I’ll tell ya, this photo could easily be in a magazine or catalog. I like the angle you shot this at.

    And please tell your kid I love the watch!

    Hope you had a terrific Saturday, girl!


    • v says:

      cool. window lighting is easy and it’s me being lazy i guess not wanting to erect um my lights.

      thanks ron. she doesn’t like when i use her stuff, but she vacuums the life out of me.

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