day 27: something sweet

my usual when i go to dairy queen.  cookies and cream with wet walnuts. have mercy.  alternate is cookies and cream, coffee ice cream and wet walnuts.

4 thoughts on “day 27: something sweet

  1. Ha! Val, you’re gonna die because all day today I was craving ice cream. And that’s odd because I don’t normally like to eat ice cream during the hot summer months, I actually crave it more during the fall and winter – isn’t that weird???

    Great shot, girl! Truly yummy looking! And it’s so funny because I took a photo of an ice cream cone I was eating last JANUARY, but have not published it yet.

    My favs are mint chocolate chip, and cookies and cream.

    Hope you had a sweet Sunday!


    • v says:

      so you’re craving what i’m craving then, eh? are you craving cookies like all the time, because i am. i am abstaining from cookies right now as my mid-section needs a serious make over and i can’t eat just one.

      yes, you love the cold when it’s cold and not when it’s warm. i don’t like ice cream much in the winter unless there’s a dinner party and dessert, then ice cream and cake is a must. otherwise, it’s a spring/summer thang.

      i don’t believe i’ve had mint chocolate chip. love my cookies and cream and coffee ice cream so much that i don’t try other flavors.

      thanks ron, my sunday was okay. hope you had a good one.

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